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Special Offer On Word Press Web Site

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Uber Genie 12 commandments for a successful website.

    1. Create the best content you can with the best products you can possibly offer. Your content is your best advertisement – if visitors love your content, then they will go back and spread the word to others
    2. When we build your Word Press web site we give you a FREE Plug in that automatically generates Tags these are very import when you want to win traffic from the likes of Google. If you not sure what Tags are go to Google and enter define Tags into the search box.
    3. Make it easy for users to recommend your site. Viral marketing is very important — and easy to tap on the Web. But give your users the tools. Get a Recommend this Site script from websites such as and similar directories of scripts. Some even go as far as giving incentives to those who recommend the site to their friends. If only 10 people go to your site, but these 10 people invite 10 more – that’s additional traffic that you get for FREE!
    4. We have a special tool we can recommend and install for free that will help you post your Blogs and updates to many of the major Social Media sites this will save you a ton of time. It will also help drive traffic back to your web site.
    5. Rank well in the search engines (organic search results, not the pay per click). Search engines can be a big source of traffic. The key is to create the best content in your niche. If you have good content, other websites will gladly link to you and offer your site as a resource to their audience. Check the on-page factors and be sure to get linked from authority sites in your topic area.
    6. Send out press releases. While some sites charge hundreds of dollars per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News. My website (see my profile) accepts free press release submission (no strings attached!)
    7. Submit articles. Write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You get exposure for your business; establishes you as an authority in your field, and allows you to get backlinks for your website. If 50 websites publish your article and it contains a link back to your website, then you easily get 50 links from a single article. The more links you have, the greater your chances for increasing your search engine rankings.
    8. Post your Business on free ad groups using Facebook and sites like Adlandpro or Adpost. You can also use “community” sites like Craigslist or Gumtree, and the like.
    9. If your blog is specific about a topic, for example “Joe’s Cooking Blog” or “Joe’s Fishing Blog”, you could join some Yahoo clubs with the same general subject. Then post on a regular basis and include a URL to your blog. Most clubs are OK with this, but others might call it spam. Read the rules of each club before joining and posting.
    10. If your business is Local we also give you a FREE Google web site this helps you get listed quickly when people in your local area search for your product or service.
    11. There are more Google search from mobile phones than the usual desk top computers. When you buy a website from Uber your web site will be Mobile ready so all your customers and prospects will see your business on whatever device they use.
    12. Contact us today to discuss your Business requirements. Click here
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