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Think Twice We Only Have One World

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On my way to see a client I was listening to my radio. An interview about Frackin. The girl talking about the method was completely against it. She was saying how dangerous it is and proven to be dangerous in America. One of things that stuck with me was when she said. ‘I wish people would understand that Mother Natures doesn’t need the human race to survive. But we need Mother Nature to exists’

As usual when I’m not sure about something I Goggled Frakin as my knowledge was limited. I got the below.

Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) refers to the method used to extract gas or oil from shale rock by injecting large volumes of water containing a number of additives. This includes sand and lubricating fluids into the rock under high pressure.

It made me think how stupid this was to risk pumping pollution into the earth risking farmland our food chain and our fresh water supply, simply to make short term gain.



I had some spare time and made a video about how delicate our environment is becoming I hope you enjoy it (perhaps enjoy is the wrong word) so I hope it makes you think, please like and Share my post. You never know if more people started to think twice, we have something left to pass to our children their children and their children.

Of course having a business I thought I would try promotion my business at the same time. I can advise ways of promoting your business without harming the environment. If your interested please contact me. Eric 0747 747 4244 And leave a comment.

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