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Business Card Free Design & Artwork

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Watch my Web Commercial. Why am I giving away FREE design and artwork for your business card if your based in the UK? Well there isn’t a catch I’m trying a new approach to opening new business. As we all know a business fails or survives on new business In the past I have tried cold calling using the telephone and also walking around Business Parks and Industrial estate trying to introduce my fantastic creative and money saving services to business. But getting past the receptionist ether on the phone or physically walking into a reception area and asking the receptionist or picking up an unmanned/woman internal phone and asking to see the Manger has become an impossible dream and became a complete waste of time. So I tried Business Networking, so the money I spend travelling to the Networking events and paying for a breakfast, lunch or evening after work drinks. I have to redirecting that budget into giving businesses a sample of my work. I know my print prices are very competitive so I may even a few new accounts with my offer. But you decide most people in business need a business card. So contact me and let’s get started.
Please share this with your business friends and colleagues, you could save them money and do me a favour at the same time.Posted in Print Business Cards, Uncategorised

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