Some of my best clients have become really close friend as well, I know some say don’t mix business with pleasure, but the type of business I’m in its hard not to. I use to work for a larger Brewery before they were taken over by a much larger Brewer. I probably had the account for about ten years. Every year the Brewery held a ‘Suppliers day’ where the Brewery organised and paid for a day full of events, for example Off Road driving in 4×4 where one year a guests burnt a clutch out on a new Land Rover! (it wasn’t me) Also Clay Shooting and one year I won. So making clients into friends can be very rewarding. This eBook is all about making and keeping friends so enjoy and I hope it’s of some use. Down Load click here

When I first started my own business, I read as much as I could about successful business people. Watched as many documentaries about business people on TV. At the time my hero was Sir John Harvey Jones who sadly died  in 2008 aged 83, as they say he had a good innings and a very interesting life!

So I was young and naive I thought it would be really easy to get some of their success to rub off on me!

Unfortunately there wasn’t any quick fix and I just couldn’t find or figure out that elusive secret success formula. So I just went ahead started my business and made trillions of mistakes. Luckily my rate of mistakes has slowed.

This eBook is all about adopting successful habits I hope you find it useful and I wish I had read it 30 years ago.

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