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Draw your future | Patti Dobrowolski

Have you ever heard people say don’t worry something will turn up? For some people it works and something usually turns up.Well there’s almost some kind of universal force working with them and guiding them along there merry way without a care in the world.I have to tell you I think it’s been happening with me. A while ago I decide to scrap my old business and start again with a clean sheet of paper. I had been losing my regular clients over the last four to five years and it seemed to be getting harder and harder to replace them, using the old tactics of cold calling and business networking.So I decide to completely rethink my business, even to the point of trying a new business.However about the same time I got into the habit of watching You Tube while having breakfast.Oddly enough most mornings I would discover a video that would give me information on sales, motivation, marketing using the internet and a bunch of other stuff.I really have to share this video with you. I am doing this now and all I can say is its working. 

Looking back at the old way of doing things it seemed that I had all the pieces I needed to make my business work but I just couldn’t seem to put them all together. Well I drawn my future and it is really helping.

If you’re experience a similar situation with your business give me a ring as my Gran use to say two heads are better than one.

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